Year Of the Tiger

The Noble Tiger - The “Go-Getter” in the Year of the Rooster

For single Tigers, your house of "Unions" is highlighted in 2005 and many Tigers will find their future mates. Friends are supportive and this pleases you greatly. An enthusiastic period where professional activities may be relegated to the background in favor of your social life. An excellent year to make a break from a subordinate position to an independent profession as Tigers must be the "captains of their own ships". When considering a new job, take into consideration your need of difficult projects to champion and freedom of action. Adopt a healthy and balanced diet and take accrued time off to rest. This year will also find Tigers taking serious inventory of their finances. By shrewdly combining caution and nerve, you'll see a more positive cash flow. Your heartfelt desires will be met through the entry of a kindred spirit, one you have met before. An emotionally and materially prosperous year especially during the auspicious months of June, October and November.

Sign Characteristics

For the Tigers, the year of Tiger will be a stable but cautious year. Pay attention to your finance, and definitely avoid loaning any money to your friends - this will only bring troubles and problems into your friendship. If you are a restless driver, slow down when you drive. Romance is on your way in February, go out and socialize a little more, and you'll be happy you did. August is your best month, put a little more effort into your work, the result can be rewarding. (from "Chinese Lunar Calendar")

The Tiger is born under the sign of courage. He/she is very quick-witted and alert and always on top of things. An original thinker, the Tiger is always brimming with new ideas and enthusiasm for some new scheme or project. The Tiger has tremendous energy and is a very charismatic figure. The female Tiger is usually known for her well-groomed appearance. Never a hair out of place, always the most stylish clothes, the female Tiger is always one of the most attractive women in the room. The female Dragon will be her competition in the looks department, but unlike the female Dragon, who exudes an earthy natural beauty, the Tiger will exude a more sophisticated and pampered kind of beauty. Unlike the Dragon, the Tiger knows she is beautiful and revels in it. Many models are born under the Tiger sign. Both the male and female Tigers are charismatic figures and are not afraid to voice their firm views and opinions.

The Tiger adores a challenge and competition. He/She is prepared to take risks in business as well as his/her love life if something catches his/her imagination. He/She will risk everything for what attracts his/her fancy. He/She will not be bound by convention or the dictates of others. It is not surprising to see the Tiger cast off his job , position or marriage in order to go off and do what he/she wants to do. The Tiger has a restless nature and will experience freedom at all costs. Once the Tiger has acquired this new life, new romance, new thing that was so tantalizing to him/her, he/she will soon tire of it and cast it away. It is imperative for the Tiger to continue having the feeling that he/she is free to do as he/she wishes. He/she loves challenges and sometimes the "getting" of the thing he/she has gone after is the best part of the experience for him/her. The chase is the "thing". Once the thing has been "gotten" the allure is no longer there. The Tiger is so impulsive that he/she himself/herself regrets his/her own impulsiveness, but he/she cannot help himself/herself. He/she is quick to act on those yearnings which engulf him/her. It is difficult for the restless Tiger to enjoy a great deal of success because he/she never sticks to anything long enough to accomplish the goal in which he/she sets for himself.

Because of constant change in his/her life it is a good thing that he/she is adaptable. He/she has an adventurous spirit and doesn't want to settle in one place for any length of time. In the early stages of life, The Tiger most likely will change career paths several times, his/her jobs, his/her residences and his/her romances. The Tiger is surprisingly honest and forthcoming in his/her dealings with the people in his/her life. He/she will not sneak out of a job or relationship. He/she will confront the people to be told and tell them he/she is moving on. He/she sees nothing wrong with this behavior and thus is not ashamed of living his/her life according to his/her own wishes. Courage comes into play again as the Tiger faces life head on. He/she hates any sort of hypocrisy or falsehood and doesn't see why people have to lie to each other. He/she can be rebellious especially against any form of petty authority. The Tiger never avoids his God-given right to stand up for himself/herself and express his/her opinions. If someone must be confronted, the Tiger doesn't shirk his duty from lack of courage. This tendency can make him/her a natural leader and his/her adaptability could make him/her a natural for the armed services if he/she could avoid feelings of rebelliousness for authority. Very few are to found in the military due to the failure of the Tiger to obey orders.

The Tiger is independent and rarely asks help from others. He/she does not like to give others credit for his/her accomplishments and doesn't suffer from false humbleness. He/she is too honest for that. He/she is generous and a little too much of a spendthrift.

The Tiger tries to exude an image, one of attractiveness, dignity,and authority. He/she wants people to know he/she is "somebody" and enjoys being treated as special or as a V.I.P. He/she cares for his/her reputation but will risk it all to find happiness. The Tiger often marries young and will find his closest match with the Pig, Dog, Horse and Ram. He can get along with the Rat, Rabbit, and Rooster but will find the Ox and Snake too serious and confining for his/her liking. Just being around a Monkey will irritate him/her - too mischievous and inquisitive. A Tiger simply cannot get along with another Tiger. He cannot stand a Dragon either for the fact both will want to dominate the relationship and will find it impossible to compromise on even the smallest thing.

It is hard to believe that anyone has ever been bored by a Tiger. Just watching this honest and courageous person lead his/her wild and energetic life is a source of inspiration for others.

Tiger & Rat
This may not be the greatest match. Tension will arise from the Rat and the Tiger competing for the limelight. As lovers their need to be at center stage will eventually dramatically diminish their powerful lovemaking. Their overall compatibility rating is 40%
Tiger & Ox
The Ox and the Pig make a great match as lovers. They will draw the best of each out into the open. Their overall compatibility rating is 70%
Tiger & Tiger
While naturally drawn to each other, two Tigers will have trouble anytime one of them tries to assert control over the other. As lovers, control issues may diminish their ability to connect. Their overall compatibility rating is 50%
Tiger & Rabbit
The Rabbit and Tiger may be too different to develop a deep, lasting relationship. The Rabbit may not be able to stand up to the domineering Tiger. While the Tiger would not purposely hurt the Rabbit, as lovers the Rabbit will be constantly worried about the depth of their relationship. Their overall compatibility rating is 40%
Tiger & Dragon
Because both possess personalities that are difficult to resist, the Tiger and the Dragon cannot help but be drawn to each other initially. However, in time the Dragon's need for control and the Tiger's need for independence will create friction. As lovers they will make a memorable pair if they can overcome their opposing needs. Their overall compatibility rating is 60%
Tiger & Snake
The Tiger and the Snake will have a difficult time finding common ground. Each needs to get his way. As lovers this need will diminish their potency. Their overall compatibility rating is 30%
Tiger & Horse
The optimistic personalities of the Horse and the Tiger make them a good pair. They each need independence and understand that need in the other. As lovers they will flourish. Their overall compatibility rating is 90%
Tiger & Ram/Goat
The Goat and the Tiger may have trouble forming a rewarding relationship. The Tiger's need for control may threaten the Goat's creative side. The Goat's need for stability may threaten the Tiger's need for independence. As lovers, these conflicts may usurp any chance the couple may have at bliss. Their overall compatibility rating is 40%
Tiger & Monkey
These two are so different that their chances of creating a solid relationship are slim. As lovers, constant arguing may diminish the potency of their bond. Their overall compatibility rating is 20%
Tiger & Rooster
('tiger', 'rooster', 'The Rooster and the Tiger will have to work hard at creating a rewarding relationship. Conflict will arise from the Rooster's need for control and the Tiger's need for independence. Their overall compatibility rating is 40%. ');

Tiger & Dog
The Tiger and the Dog pairing is usually very strong and rewarding. They share many of the same qualities and their differences compliment one another. As lovers each will give the other the space they need to ensure their bond is mutually fulfilling. Their overall compatibility rating is 90%
Tiger & Pig
The Pig and the Tiger may make a good pair if each can make allowances for the other's needs. As lovers, the Tiger brings natural magentism to the mix while the Pig brings sensuality. Together thay may be very potent and fulfilling.Their overall compatibility rating is 70%

Ideal Jobs Include:
Entrepreneur, Military officer, Politician, Musician, Writer, Poet, Designer, Theatre director, Stockbroker, Athlete, Film star, Trade union leader, Company director, Stunt person, Explorer, Teacher.

Lucky Numbers:
4, 5, 7, 9, 13, 34, 44, 45 and 54.

Famous Tigers include:
Alec Guinness, Charles de Gaulle, Demi Moore, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Elliot Gould, Emily Bronte, Enya, Garth Brooks, Germaine Greer, Ho Chi Minh, Hugh Hefner, Isadora Duncan, Jean Kirkpatrick, Jodie Foster, John Steinbeck, Karl Marx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ludwig van Beethoven, Marilyn Monroe, Martin Short, Mel Brooks, Michelle Yeoh, Natalie Wood, Oscar Wilde, Paula Abdul, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth II, Rosie O'Donnell, Rush Limbaugh, Stevie Wonder, Sun Yat-sen, Tom Cruise and Will Geer.

Content excerpted from Shelly Wu's Chinese Astrology website - Horoscope Artwork from The Chinese Horoscope Lbrary, Kwok Man Ho

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